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Author Topic: How to set up a DEDICATED SGmod Server on a spare PC  (Read 2605 times)
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« on: March 27, 2010, 06:42:59 AM »

This Process and the Required minimum Spec is basically the same Whether you are Planning to run JO/DFX/DFX2 versions of the mod.

You would probably be surprised at how low-spec the PC can be to run as a dedicated server. You probably have an "old" pc collecting dust somewhere that could be used.


From personal experiance i know that you can run a 12 man server on the following:

CPU : 800Mhz (0.8Ghz or higher)
RAM : 256Mb PC-133Mhz (preferably 512 or higher)
Grafix: Not important.. No really!!! onboard crap is fine Grin
Hard drive : 20GB or higher (big enough to hold the OS, the game and the maps)
Network adapter: any, but try to go wired.
CD-ROM drive : a basic old one is fine, just needs to read your cd's to install the game!!
Internet connection : You WILL require atleast a 512Kb upload speed to host 12 man server without lag (if there are other users of your connection using bandwidth, youll need more) if you have higer upload then this you can host a server with more player slots, if you have less then obviously you will have to host less slots.

So now youve picked out a suitably crappy old box to host your game on. YAY!
The next step would be to format the operating system. My suggestion would be XP.
 If its an old "Prebuilt package" machine , dont go loading all the BS that ships with it, Aquire a xp disk from somewhere if need be. You dont have to do a fresh format, but i really do recomend it as the machine will run faster.

Once the operating system is loaded and all your system drivers are installed, immediately update using windows update. Once xp is updated make sure you turn OFF automatic updates (you wouldnt want your machine restarting during a game), and turn OFF windows firewall.
Goto control panel and double click the "system" icon. "System properties" box should pop up. Click the "advanced" tab. under performance click the "settings" button. Click the "adjust for best performance" tick box. This will turn off all the visual affect of the operating system , freeing up precious rescources ( you may want to scroll down and check the "use common tasks in folders" option ) . Click apply and OK. ALSO dont forget to turn off screensavers and power saving options!


Install your Game of choice (JO/dfx/dfx2)
Update it : you should find a update.exe in the installation folder, double click it to run. You may have to do this twice to be sure.

Install SGmod and then patch it up to date.

You will have a desktop shorcut, Right click it, click properties.
In the target box, scroll the cursor to the end and add the following
(dont type {space} use the spacebar  Wink )
click apply , then OK.

On JO installations, Delete all .BIK files from the installation and expansion folders, this will help the server launch quicker.

And there you have it, when you run the shortcut it should launch windowed and configured for serving as a dedicated server. You can safely use your novaworld login information when you host a dedicated server AND play on another machine.
Remember to set the serve option to "serve", not "serve and play" as is the default setting. Also i strongly suggest you add "SGMOD" in the Title of your server.

If you have a ROUTER you will have to forward port 32768 to the LAN IP of the server

If you wish to use Wolfrat you will have to set the "remote admin port" in the game.cfg (suggest 44444) and set a admin in the admin.cfg (Hint use 3FFF as the rights to gain full access).. if you wish someone outside of your home network to control the server with wolfrat you will have to forward the port 44444 to the LAN IP of the server.

For those persons unsure of how to forward a port, you can use the handy guides found here.... http://portforward.com/

So there you have it, a dedicated server!

FOR ADVANCED USERS :If you dont want to have an extra monitor,keyboard and mouse attached to yet another computer, You actually dont need to if you can "aquire" a program called VNC. This program will allow you to connect and control the server computer from your gaming PC as if you were sat infront of the server. After youve set up VNC server on the server box (and configured it to run when windows starts) you can install the VNC viewer on your gaming PC. Make sure you can connect and control the server machine. if so thats great! Shut down the server machine and then disconnect everything but power cable and network cable. Restart and run your dedicated server by controlling it from your machine.

Crappy old computer is now usefull.
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